Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enter Happy Hogan

Season: 1
Episode Number: 1b
Season Episode Number: 1b
Production Number:


Voices: John Vernon (Iron Man), Paul Soles (Happy Hogan), Peg Dixon (Pepper Potts), Bernard Cowan (Narrator), (Jack Frost), (Police Officer).

Plot: Happy Hogan gets a job as Tony's chauffeur after saving Tony's life. Meanwhile, Professor Shapanka builds himself a freezing suit.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Happy Hogan makes his animated debut in a chapter that is based on his first comic book appearance, Tales of Suspense #45.

So far, the Iron Man segment of The Marvel Super Heroes is very different than the others. Actually, it is only different in that it doesn't follow the same rules as the other segments, which makes it more similar.

Major liberties are taken when translating the words and pictures of TOS #45 to animation. Much of the dialogue is different, not in meaning, but to make it seem less like Robert Bernstein, the issue's writer, and more like Stan Lee.

The same goes for the artwork. The artistic style of Don Heck is beautiful, but quite different than the bold and angular work of Jack Kirby. While the composition of Heck's panels remain intact, the characters are all replaced with ones that look like Jack Kirby drawings.

These changes are made mostly likely so that each segment of the show looks consistent with one another. This is really too bad, since Don Heck was influential in the early days of Iron Man, penciling a majority of the fist three years of Shellhead's adventures in Tales of Suspense, and it would have been a nice tribute to his work.

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