Monday, February 15, 2010

Enter the Red Skull

Season: 1
Episode Number: 1c
Season Episode Number: 1c
Production Number:

Writer: Stan Lee

Voices: Arthur Pierce (Captain America), Bernard Cowan (Bucky Barnes, Narrator), Paul Kligman (Red Skull), (Sando), (Agent 13), (Doctor), (Nazi Agent), (Sargeant Duffy), (General Curtis), (Housekeeper).

Plot: The Red Skull is taking down important official of the US Army, and Captain America is next on the list!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Just like the previous chapter, this one wraps up the Wreckers story from Tales of Suspense #64 and moves on to the story told in Tales of Suspense #65,1965, which in the comics is called The Red Skull Strikes.

And just like the previous two stories, this one is also a retelling of the same story found in Captain America Comics #1, 1941.

Cap and Bucky take on a whole team of Nazi villains. This is the best animation out of these first three chapters as the animators have to move the characters around a lot to make the action exciting. They add a "Biff!" "Pow!" and "Twack!" here and there to make us really understand that Cap means business!

There is a major change from the original source material. The original Red Skull was a Nazi spy posing as an American business man named George Maxon. In the comics, the Red Skull is unmasked revealing that he is Maxon.

In this chapter, the Red Skull is not unmasked, but rather asked what he did with George Maxon. My guess is that they wanted to make this Red Skull be the Silver Age Red Skull that people were then introduced to. The Red Skull is also missing the large swastika that he proudly wore on his green jumpsuit in the comics at the time.

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