Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fugitive From Space

Season: 1
Episode Number: 2
Season Episode Number: 2
Production Number: 5130-8802
Airdate: September 24, 1988

Writer: Martin Pasko
Director: Cosmo Anzilotti, Bill Hutton, Tony Love

Voices: Beau Weaver (Superman), Ginny McSwain (Lois Lane), Mark Taylor (Jimmy Olson), Stanley Ralph Ross (Perry White), Unknown (Dr. Jenet Klyburn), Unknown (Dr. Albert Michaels), Unknown (Argan, Xelandra, Computer Voice, Security Guard).

Plot: An alien spacecraft is discovered and inside two aliens in suspended animation. When revived, they both claim to be a police officer transferring a dangerous criminal to an intergalactic jail! Who is telling the truth?

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Ah, the classic two-people-claim-the-other-is-the-evil-one storyline! This is one of my favourite cliche plots because I like seeing who sides with whom and which one ends up being the good one.

In this episode, Superman sides with the lovely and strong-willed Xelandra, and Lois sides with the powerful and hardheaded Argan. While I won't come out and say which one is lying, I will say that it was who I thought it was.

There is also the added plotline of a bunch of giant monsters, called Kyryni, popping up all over the city, which is needed because the first plotline doesn't allow Superman to use any of his powers.

This is a very fun episode, but it contains many elements that never get justified, simply because it is an 80s Saturday morning cartoon. For example, the alien computer not only speaks English (as do the aliens) but it also compares the monsters to caterpillars and cocoons and other Earth customs.

Although they are not named, the two STAR Labs scientists are Dr. Jenet Klyburn and Dr. Albert Michaels. Both scientists were quite prominent through the 70s and 80s, but are never seen these days.

Only two episodes in and I am really enjoying this show. I would have been seven years old when it first aired and I kind of wish that I had seen it back then so I could enjoy it even more with nostalgia.

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    Martin Pasko said...

    You might be interested to know -- and Marv Wolfman can confirm this -- that every single story beat in that script was dictated by executive producer Joe Ruby at the demand of the then-head of CBS's Children's Programming department. This after having three premises I submitted that Marv liked -- one each involving The Prankster, The Parasite, and Mr. Mxyzptlk (as you might have read somewhere, I know more than a little bit about Superman) -- were all rejected as being "too difficult for kids to understand." So that's what you get when they're insulting kids' intelligence: cliches.