Monday, February 15, 2010

The Origin of Captain America

Season: 1
Episode Number: 1a
Season Episode Number: 1a
Production Number:

Writer: Stan Lee

Voices: Arthur Pierce (Captain America), Bernard Cowan (Bucky Barnes, Narrator), (General Philips), (President), (Dr. Anderson), (Intelligence Agent), (Curio Shop Curator), (Abraham Erskine), (Heinz Kruger), (Sargeant Duffy).

Plot: Sickly Steve Rogers volunteers for a scientific experiment that turns him into Captain America. Steve Rogers enlists in the army and forms a bond with Bucky Barnes.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Each episode of Captain America is taken directly out of issues of Tales of Suspense and Captain America from the 60s. This particular story is from Tales of Suspense #63, 1965 and is the first appearance of WWII Captain America in the Silver Age of Comics (Cap debuted in the Silver Age in Avengers 4, one year earlier in 1964).

This issue is famous for telling the origin of Captain America, which is actually a condensed version of Cap's origin story told in Captain America Comics #1, 1941. It is this new version, with art by Jack Kirby, that is made in the premiere episode of Captain America on The Marvel Super Heroes.

One of the problems with taking the art straight from the panels of the comics is that once you take away the speech balloons there is a lot of negative space. The artists at Grantray-Lawrence don't do anything to fill in that space, so I find that a lot of the artwork is in the lower half of the screen. But I can't blame them because they were working on a shoestring budget of $6000 per episode.

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