Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sandu, Master of the Supernatural

Season: 1
Episode Number: 2b
Season Episode Number: 2b
Production Number:


Voices: Chris Wiggins (Thor), Peg Dixson (Jane Foster), Len Carlson (Loki), Bernard Cowan (Narrator, Odin), (Sandu), (Bystanders), (TV Newscasters).

Plot: Loki is not free to leave Asgard, so he watches from afar as he grants the psychic Sandu powers of levitation and teleportation. Sandu soon becomes crazy with power.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): The story started in the previous chapter (Journey Into Mystery #92) concludes here and immediately jumps into Journey Into Mystery #91, which stars a throw-away villain named Sandu. There isn't really anything interesting about this episode except that Thor loses his hammer again. That guy should strap a bungie tether to the hammer and his wrist.

Many of the voices in this show remain a mystery. Most of the main characters have been verified through various different sources, but all of these secondary characters remain unknown.

I can speculate based on what they sound like, though. These voice actors did several voices in the series. Sandu sounds like he could be Len Carlson, the voice of Loki. The Movie Director from the last chapter sounds like it could be Carlson as well.

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