Friday, February 12, 2010

UPDATE: Weekend Round-Up - February 12-14

Here is a list of new superhero cartoons debuting this weekend in the US:

Looks like Super Hero Squad Show is on after all!

Saturday, February 13, 2010
Cartoon Network, 7:30pm (ET/PT)
The Super Hero Squad Show - Last Exit Before Doomsday!

Silver Surfer’s past as Galactus’ herald is revealed as he encounters another herald, Stardust -- but Doom has plans of his own for Stardust and her big boss!

Please note:
  • Due to a sudden schedule change, The Super Batman of Planet X! episode of Batman: the Brave and the Bold will not be shown tonight. There will be reruns throughout the rest of February.

  • Here is a list of new superhero cartoons debuting this weekend in the Canada:

    Sunday, February 14, 2010
    Teletoon, 12:00pm (ET/PT)
    Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Technovore

    In a moment of anger, Tony created a weapon – a computer virus called Technovore. It was supposed to destroy itself when it completed its objective, but it didn't. Instead, the virus grew, spawned a horrific body, and began to hunger.

    Please Note:
  • Still nothing new for Batman or Super Hero Squad, but I'll let you know when I find out!

    Carnage89 said...

    This week sucks! No Batman!

    Anonymous said...

    You can download or watch on your computer The Super-Batman of Planet X on Amazon's Video on Demand. Also my TiVo is listing The Power of Shazam to be on Friday, Feb. 19. Sometimes it's more updated than the Web sites.