Monday, February 15, 2010

Wreckers Among Us

Season: 1
Episode Number: 1b
Season Episode Number: 1b
Production Number:

Writer: Stan Lee

Voices: Arthur Pierce (Captain America), Bernard Cowan (Bucky Barnes, Narrator), Paul Kligman (Red Skull), (Enemy Soldiers), (Sando), (Omar), (Sergeant Duffy), (Agent 13), (Woman), (Henchman), (Major Croy).

Plot:Omar and Sando are two con artists charging people to view their "predictions" of terrible events in US cities. Captain America discovers that they are actually working for the Red Skull!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): The first minute of this chapter wraps up the cliffhanger from the last chapter (the end of Tales of Suspense #63) and then immediately jumps into Tales of Suspense #64, which in the comics is called Among Us, Wreckers Dwell! They do a bit of playing with the timeline as they splice in a few scenes from Tales of Suspense #65 in order to set up the next chapter. Also note, this story from TOS #64 is actually a new version of the same story told in Captain America Comics #1, 1941.

One change made to this story is that Sando, who is revealed to be the Nazi Wolfgang von Krantz, declares his allegiance to the Red Skull. In the comics, he declares his allegiance to Der Fuhrer. My guess is that either they wanted to do away with any mention of Hitler, or they wanted to tie the Red Skull deeper into the story. Either way, I like the change.

This chapter marks the first animated appearance of the Red Skull. He looks great, he sounds great and he takes out Major Croy (who is mistakenly called Major Cory once in this episode), with a single blow! I can't wait to see him go up against Cap!

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J. Abeyta said...

Major Cory was played by John Vernon.