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Season: 1
Episode Number: 3c
Season Episode Number: 3c
Production Number:


Voices: John Vernon (Iron Man), Bernard Cowan (Mandarin, Narrator), (Senator), (Chinese Guard 1), (Chinese Guard 2).

Plot: Iron Man must figure out a way to destroy the seemingly indestructible Ultimo before the Mandarin uses him to take over the entire planet!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): For Tales of Suspense #78, Gene Colan drops his Adam Austin alter ego and allows himself to be credited under his own name. Colan's art is remarkable. Full of detail, dynamic staging and composition, it is no wonder he is considered a master of comic art. His style is not what you would usually see in the 60s, but rather similar to comic book art of the 70s. Colan was ahead of his time.

Lucky for us his art gets translated to the animated world of The Invincible Iron Man!

This chapter wraps up a very exciting episode, better than the two that proceeded it. This may be that Stan Lee has found his groove and now knows how to write Iron Man, or it could be that it was better because that Mandarin wasn't as in your face as he was in the last episode. Either way, this episode was a lot of fun.

The ending is a bit different. The whole Senator sub-plot in this episode actually carries on in future issues of the comic book, but the cartoon puts an end to it right away, so that the characters end the episode exactly how they began. This means that there will be no continuity problems should these episodes ever be aired out of order.

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