Thursday, March 4, 2010

Enchantress and the Executioner

Season: 1
Episode Number: 3a
Season Episode Number: 3a
Production Number:


Voices: Chris Wiggins (Thor), Bernard Cowan (Narrator, Odin), Len Carlson (Loki), Peg Dixon (Jane Foster), (Enchantress), (Executioner), (Commissioner).

Plot: Loki enlists the Enchantress to seduce Thor, but when she fails, the Enchantress enlists the Executioner to kill Jane Foster!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Paul Soles, the voice of Bruce Banner in this series and Spider-Man in his 1967 series has said that Peg Dixon voices almost all of the females in this series. While I would like some firm confirmation that Dixon is the voice of Enchantress, I believe that it is her. Although, you could swear you are listening to two different people when Enchantress and Jane Foster are in the same scene!

This story is taken from Journey Into Mystery #103 in which Odin wears a stupefying helmet that causes him to do stupid things, like asking Loki for way to get Thor's mind off of Jane Foster.

Loki jumps at the chance to try to destroy Thor and enlists the help of the Enchantress who enlists the help of the Executioner. This is the comic book and animation debut for both of these characters.

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