Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iron Man: Armored Adventures Second Season is Now Official!

DQE [DQ Entertainment (International) Limited("DQE")], the animation, gaming, live-action entertainment Production and Distribution Company, in collaboration with their co-production partners Marvel Animation and Method Animation, are pleased to announce they will co-produce 26 all-new episodes for a second season of the popular animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

Wow, that is quite the run-on sentence! But it speaks the truth! A press release has been issued, formally announcing the second season of Iron Man: Armored Adventures!

Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman & CEO of DQE said, "This Marvel Super Hero - Iron Man - has emerged as one of the most popular Super Heroes of our time. Season 2 of this animated TV series will take Iron Man fans on a very different visual trip of high-action sequences produced in high-end CGI. We're extremely proud of this project, and look forward to adding further momentum to our relationship with Marvel Animation and Method Animation."

Aton Soumache, Chairman & CEO of Method Animation stated, "We are very proud to renew our fruitful collaboration with Marvel Animation and DQE for Iron Man: Armored Adventures season 2. These new adventures will provide even more stunning visual effects and entertainment for the delight of all Iron Man fans."

In other Iron Man: Armored Adventures news, a press release announcing the The Complete Season One on DVD has also been issued. The four-disc set will include all 26 episode as well as storyboards, original sketches of characters, vehicles and more! The box set will be released on May 4.


archer9234 said...

Did they abandon a blu-ray release or what? Vol.1 was released. How come not the complete first season. Unless they pulled a justice league season 1, and the show isn't in HD.

Kurtis said...

Yes, the plan was to have all of these releases to be on DVD and Blu-ray, but my guess is that the volume one Blu-ray didn't sell as well as they hoped.

archer9234 said...

Well they lose my Blu-ray sale whenever it comes out on Blu-ray in the future. Not buying stuff twice.

Kal said...

It will be good to see another season. The high school thing gets old on occasion – with some characters more than others – and it is very blatantly and transparently going for the teen angst angle. Still the show is redeemable and fun.

They more-or-less cared for the source material. The armors are mostly fun, the Mandarin is back, and the unibeam is round. Plus the action scenes were planned out well.

Here is my take on the show with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested: