Monday, March 15, 2010

The Mandarin's Death Ray

Season: 1
Episode Number: 4b
Season Episode Number: 4b
Production Number:


Voices: John Vernon (Iron Man), Bernard Cowan (Narrator, Mandarin), (General).

Plot: Iron Man must find a way to escape the Mandarin's death ray and stop him from obtaining the American missiles.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Bernard Cowan really turns on the faux-Asian accent in this episode. The Mandarin sounds even more stereotypically Asian than in the other episodes. The L's sound like R's and the R's sound like L's. Nowadays, you would only hear this type of accent on adult cartoons like Family Guy.

In this chapter, Iron Man is trapped and uses Tony Stark, who the Mandarin thinks is wandering around his castle, as a distraction. I think that if the Mandarin put a little investigation into Iron Man's alter ego, he would easily find out who Iron Man is. The simple fact that in a previous episode he used a beam to bring Iron Man to his fortress but instead brought Tony Stark should have been a dead giveaway! But I guess the Mandarin isn't the genius he thought he was.

This chapter is taken from the last half of Tales of Suspense #54 and the first half of #55.

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