Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On the Rampage!

Season: 1
Episode Number: 3
Season Episode Number: 3
Production Number:


Voices: Paul Soles (Bruce Banner), Max Ferguson (Hulk), John Vernon (Major Talbot), Gillie Fenwick (The Leader), Bernard Cowan (Narrator), (Soldier), (Russian Pilot), (Russian Sailor), (Russian Colonel).

Plot: The battle between the Hulk and the Humanoids goes under water. The Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner and he is picked up by a passing Russian ship.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): We've already seen references to Nazi Germany erased from the Captain America segments, and now the references to Russians being the 'enemy' have been removed from this one (although their accents are still there). The original comic book title to this story is On the Rampage Against the Reds!

There is one scene in this chapter that is fully animated. It is of the Hulk swimming through the ocean. This is the first completely new, fully animated scene in this series. While the animation is a bit crude, I hope to see the animation team getting a little more bold with their animation in future episode.

The Hulk's rogues gallery isn't very large, but the Leader is definitely in there. He is the first legitimate villain we have seen in this series and he'll be back in a future episode, but we won't see very many of the Hulk's other foes. Keep in mind that this is the 60s. Many of the Hulk's villains hadn't been created yet!

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