Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Return to Earth

Season: 1
Episode Number: 4c
Season Episode Number: 4c
Production Number:


Voices: Chris Wiggins (Thor), Len Carlson (Loki), Peg Dixon (Jane Foster), Bernard Cowan (Narrator, Odin), (Balder), (Executioner), (Enchantress).

Plot: The race to Asgard continues, but Loki finds that it is easier to cheat his way to the finish line! Can Thor beat Loki in time to save the live of his love, Jane Foster?

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): It is my opinion that Odin, being as wise as his is supposed to be, should have believed that Thor was telling the truth and not Loki. Didn't Odin learn his lesson when Loki tricked him into traveling to Earth so that Loki could take over Asgard? Shame, Odin!

The trials wrap up in this episode, Journey Into Mystery #116 and #117, however the ending is a bit different.

Keeping with the serial nature of the comics, the actually story has Thor looking for Loki's Nor stone in order to prove that Loki cheated the trials. His journey takes him to Vietnam where he is ambushed by the Vietnamese army. In this chapter, Thor finds the Nor stone without having to travel to the Orient, and clears his name of all wrongdoing. Nice and neat, which suits this series just fine.

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