Friday, March 19, 2010

Rumours of a GL Animated DTV and Series

Comics Continuum has a bit of news regarding a few upcoming Green Lantern projects:

A Green Lantern animated project is in the works at Warner Bros. Animation, The Continuum has learned.

According to sources, it will be part of a direct-to-video project that will be timed for release of the live-action Green Lantern movie in the summer of 2011.

A representative of Warner Home Video said the studio will not comment on any film that hasn't been announced as in production.

According to sources, the new Green Lantern animated project takes a look at the origins of the Green Lantern Corps, including the first ring wielders.

At Emerald City Comic-Con last weekend, DC Comics' Geoff Johns hinted at a Green Lantern animated series, which would appear to be a different project.

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