Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sands of Terror

Season: 1
Episode Number: 4b
Season Episode Number: 4b
Production Number:


Voices: John Vernon (Namor), Peg Dixon (Lady Dorma), Bernard Cowan (Narrator, Vashti the Elder), (Attuma), (Councilmen), (Underling), (Guard).

Plot: Namor searches for Vashti the Elder, but that only serves as a distraction for Attuma who has begun his attack on Atlantis!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): If this episode really isn't based on any particular issue, the writer sure does a good job of mimicking Stan Lee's use of words. Everything from Namor's regal speak to the names given to creatures and places have that Stan "The Man" flair to it. The Quagmire of Doom? I would never have thought to have that be the name of a quicksand trap.

There are three different storylines in this episode, which is a lot considering that each chapter is only six minutes long. The main storyline is Namor's, in which he leaves the kingdom. I find with this old show, that Namor must leave Atlantis in order to have some adventures. Otherwise he just sits on his throne and acts important.

I could care less about Lady Dorma's storyline since I don't really care about her character. The only purpose she serves is to warn Namor that Attuma has taken over Atlantis before he finds out for himself. Namor could have easily come up with a plan if even if Lady Dorma wasn't there to warn him in advance.

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