Monday, April 26, 2010

Avengers Images from C2E2

Some pictures from the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes trailer that was shown at C2E2 last week have started popping up around the internet. These pictures show a bit more of the main cast (sans Black Panther) as well a first look at some of the guest stars and villains!

I'm still not really a fan of Iron Man's design, but the rest look great! Check out the guns on Thor! He looks bigger than the Hulk!

Left to right: Red Skull, Baron Strucker, Grim Reaper, Arnim Zola, and Madame Hydra. Can any one indentify the light yellow creature floating behind Arnim Zola?


Bleak5170 said...

I have wanted to see a good Thor cartoon and this is close enough for me! Can't wait.

Orphen said...

The show looks pretty good. It is a little bit strange that Thor looks just as tall and just about as big as Hulk. Iron Man looks really sleek and skinny. In the first picture I like the look but in the second one it just makes him look paper thin, specially next to a few big heroes. Overall, I'm pretty excited about this show.

Daniel Dean said...

That yellowish blob of a creature would be Doughboy, one of Arnim Zola's most infamous creations who held his own with Thor (well, Eric Masterson's Thor) and is an amorphous blob of goo that Zola commands.

Serge said...

Yep, the shows looks very very cool!

And, I find it odd also that Thor looks as big as Hulk! but hey, maybe once in action on tee-vee that we will have a better dimension-size view that will respect the sizes characters more!

And, boy, I am very happy to see the Hawkeye will join the party. I was wondering if we would see him. hopefully, we will see him as an Avengers in a later episode! :-)
(well, I say as an Avengers IF they respect the Comics as Hawkeye was a villain at first!).

Michael said...

Hopefully this turns out better than Avengers United They Stand

S said...

Michael, HAHA!! please, don't remind me some painfull memories!! :-)