Monday, April 5, 2010

DVD News! Batman! Spider-Man! SHS!

I'm sure if you are regular readers of Animated Superheroes you have noticed that I haven't been around much in the past few weeks. I all of a sudden got really busy with a few other projects that I am involved in, but now I am back and there has been some new announcements regarding superhero DVDs that I will share with you:

  • Batman: Under the Red Hood Cover Art: DC Comics has released a picture of the cover art to the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie that is set to come out this summer. The cover art also shows that Jonah Hex will be the DC Showcase animated short included in this package!

  • First volume of Super Hero Squad Show announced: Shout! Factory has announced that the first volume of the popular Cartoon Network show will be released on July 13. The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword, Volume One.

    According to the listing on Amazon, the running time is 300 minutes which is approximately 13 episodes. Technically, 13 episode can fit on one disc, but the compression is turned up and there probably won't be any bonus features. But 13 episodes for $13 is a tremendous deal so I won't be complaining.

  • Canada gets a Super Hero Squad Show release too: Vivendi Entertainment is the distributor for Super Hero Squad Show DVD in Canada, and they have just announced their first releases of the series! Super Hero Squad Show, Volume One and Super Hero Squad Show, Volume Two will hit Canada on May 4.

  • Revised cover art for Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume Eight: The cover art I previously posted appears to have been temporary. This new cover art contains villains that are featured in the episodes on the disc and looks really cool! The single disc contains the final three episodes of the series and will be released on April 27.

    Bleak5170 said...

    Oh man there's no way they can put 13 episodes on one disc. They would look terrible. That has to be a mistake.

    Kurtis said...

    Volume 2-6 of the 80s TMNT DVDs have 13 episodes on one disc. It's not bad, but definitely not up to quality we expect from modern shows on DVD. I'm guessing it's a mistake.

    Paul said...

    I'd hold out a bit more hope for The Spectacular Spider-Man since it hasn't been cancelled yet. Maybe these are the last three episodes of the series, but an official announcement regarding its cancellation hasn't been issued yet.