Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Even More DVD News! Superboy!!

A few days ago, The Home Theatre Forum held their annual chat with Warner Home Video. Forum members were able to ask WHV any questions they had about future DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

Since the entire DC Comics animation library is owned by Warner Bros., there is usually some news to report after this event has past. Here are the highlights, pulled directly from the chat:

  • "look for the animated Adventures of Superboy...coming in the future."

    It looks as if the legal issues surrounding the character of Superboy have been cleared up, meaning that The Adventures of Superboy, the classic Filmation cartoon that was a segment in The New Adventures of Superman from 1966 will be headed our way soon!

  • "If there's more classic DC Animated content...we'll put it out!"

    Superheroes always sell well, and there is still plenty of content to put out. DC supershows that are not yet on DVD include The New Adventures of Superman season two and three (1967-68), The Adventures of Batman (1968), World's Greatest Super Friends (1979), Plastic Man - Baby Plas Super Comedy Show (1979), Super Friends Hour season one and two (1980), Shazam! (1981), and most of Krypto the Superdog (2005).

  • "We are evaluating the entire DC Comics animated library for Blu-ray"

    We've already seen Justice League, Season One on Blu-ray, but the possibility of more hi-def superheroes is good news!

    You can read more highlights regarding other animated TV shows at TV Shows on DVD or at The Home Theatre Forum.

    Hero Supreme said...

    Great news about Superboy. I am also looking forward to Shazam! and even Legion of Superheroes season 2. Hopefully those will be announced eventually. It will also be nice once Super Friends is complete though I must admit I am pretty much only getting the remaining sets to be a completionist.

    Kurtis said...

    Oh yeah! I forgot about Legion of Super Heroes season two!

    JamesLinte said...

    Definitely looking forward to Legion of Super Heroes season 2 dvd. Season 2 was fantastic. So sad when the show got cancelled.The story lines and art work was getting better and better and more exciting.