Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ultimate Spider-Man Coming to Disney XD Fall 2011!

The big news of the day comes from the MIPTV conference that is taking place all of this week in Cannes, France!

Marvel Animation announced a new animated series based on the work of Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man which will debut on Disney XD in the fall of 2011!

Marvel Animation Predsident Eric S. Rollman told this to Worldscreen.com:

“Ultimate Spider-Man will be a unique journey exploring our favorite web-slinger as he teams up with other fan favorite Marvel Super Heroes in never before seen stories with a new life filled with great challenges, new friends, intense action and character growth."

This isn't the first time an Ultimate Spider-Man television series was in the works. An Ultimate Spider-Man project was attempted way back in 1999, but it ultimately turned into MTV's Spider-Man: the New Animated Series, after the success of Spidey's feature film.

Does this give us an answer to the future of Spectacular Spider-Man? Much to my dismay, I'm guessing it does (there has still been no official word). However, I am a big fan of Ultimate Spider-Man and would rather have a Spidey series based on this series than a Spidey series that is stuck in legal limbo.


archer9234 said...

I really don't get it. Why cancel a series that was going good. To replace it with the same thing, but with a alternate universe. Finish one first.

Paul said...

Yeah, getting rid of this show was a massive mistake.
I hope we'll get to see the deleted scenes on the season 2 DVD, though even that wouldn't be enough to satisfy everyone's thirst for a 3rd season. :S