Thursday, April 15, 2010

The World is in Turmoil! Wolverine and the X-Men -- Canceled?!

Yesterday, Comics Continuum reported that season two of Wolverine and the X-Men is "very unlikely". Further proof came when NickToons did not include the show in a presentation at MIPTV.

Today, Marvel Animation Age confirms that Wolverine and the X-Men will not be returning for a second season for reasons still unknown.

Wolverine and the X-Men season two has been in production, although there have been some delays. It is unknown whether the delays are because the show was not renewed or if the show was canceled due to the delays. Hopefully we will get an official statement soon.

In other news, Marvel Animation Age asked Spectacular Spider-Man producer Greg Weisman what he thought of the announcement of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series:

I've heard nothing directly from Marvel, but I think the Ultimate Spider-Man announcement makes it fairly clear that The Spectacular Spider-Man is over.

The article also states that both Marvel and Sony have no plans to pursue a revival of Spectacular Spider-Man at this time.


Anonymous said...

The Wolverine and the X-Men news is REALLY depressing. That show was great! :(

Orphen said...

That does suck, I am quite dissapointed that they are canceling Wolverine and the X-Men, I really liked a Marvel show that did not make it's characters in kid form (x-men evolution, spectacular spider-man, Iron man, SHS, man the more I was thinking the more throughout the 2000's it's been real kid like)and of course the one show that was not kid like gets canceled.

Bleak5170 said...

Um wow I am completely stunned. The second season was my most anticipated show of all time. How can they cancel a show which did so tremendously well last season?

Michael said...

No! How could they!?

Paul said...

It's a shame that Wolverine and the X-men has been cancelled. I preferred The Spectacular Spider-Man immensely, but I enjoyed both shows. I was looking forward to The Age of Apocalypse in season 2... I thought Wolverine and the X-men was safe from cancellation for the time being, but obviously I was wrong...

Anthony said...

Thanks Marvel...for canceling another show before it can finish its story-run: X-Men: Evolution, Spectacular Spiderman, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, and of course Wolverine and the X-Men. Now, lets expect a short Avengers series and Ultimate Spider-Man, a canceled Black Panther, and a never-to-be Thor cartoon. Will we ever get a series to last as long as the 90's X-Men show?

Kurtis said...

Please keep in mind that it is not Marvel that cancelled all those shows but the networks that aired them. I'm sure Marvel would have loved all of them to air forever!

Anonymous said...

I heard that the financing for the show got cut off and that's why it's been canceled. It really sucks because Wolverine and the X-Men is possibly the best superhero cartoon I've ever seen. Marvel should just cut off the funding for that lame Iron Man cartoon and use that money for the second season.

Anonymous said...

"Please keep in mind that it is not Marvel that cancelled all those shows but the networks that aired them."

X-Men Evolution, Fantastic Four 2006 and MTV Spider-Man, yes (although I would say network politics also played a role too as usual, not to mention that maybe people didn't even like these shows to begin with although that applies more to MTV Spider-Man and Fantastic Four 2006 and definitely not X-Men Evolution), Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men, no. I would say that Disney might have something to do with those cancellations as you must know that Disney's track record when it comes to serious action cartoons is PISS POOR! Gargoyles is proof of this! The show started out dark and serious but in the later seasons, Disney "powers that be" toned down the show so much, that it caused Greg Weisman to walk out of the company and Weisman just might be another reason why they cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man as Disney/Marvel didn't want to continue SOMEONE ELSE'S Spider-Man cartoon! I think the best way to describe this is:

"It's all about money THEIR way!"

Oh and Superhero Squad Show and Iron Man Armored Adventures being brought back doesn't surprise me. One is for 5-year olds and the other is for the Aaron Stone/Hannah Montana audience. Two things Disney likes!

"I'm sure Marvel would have loved all of them to air forever!"

Don't be a fool! Even if Marvel wanted these shows to last forever, the sad truth is, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! The longer these type of shows go on, the sooner you're gonna run out of ideas and jump the shark which means the ratings go down the crapper leading to said show's demise. Personally, I prefer quality over quantity anyway and I personally think that each scripted TV show would be better off having no less than 65 shows and no more than 130 shows if possible. Plus, these type of companies probably want to "reinvent" their characters every couple of years for newer audiences anyway. So I'll say it one more time, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

Good day.

Anonymous said...

I was totally stoked for the new season and a new take on the Age of Apocalypse. It sucks that these shows keep getting cancelled just as they are really getting started, this was really one of my most looked forward to upcoming shows of the season. I hope they change their minds about cancelling this.

Khaos said...

Okay, anonymous, the one with the really long comment, People weren't expecting the shows to run forever! They were just hoping that that the shows would finish what they started. Wolverine and The X-Men season 1 ended with a setup for season 2 that never came. I think that people have a right to be upset about that.

How would you feel if a show that you enjoyed set up for a next season and failed to deliver?

Think about that.


Anonymous said...

Wolverine and the xmen is the best show ever in all xmen animation why did they Close it was one of the Blockbusters show last year.

I think it was a finance issue.We all know disney is always a shithead when it comes to action animation it will always invest their money in baby stuff show like hanna montana super hero squad etc

will marvel start this with another studio

Lets hope for the best

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching season 1 of Wolverine and the X-men, devastated that their isnt a season 2. Is by far the best animated season of the x-men franchise.
I really hope they do bring it back for season 2