Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1996 Ratings for Spider-Man and X-Men

One thing I want to start doing more is posting news articles from shows in the past. I love looking at what the creative teams had planned for their projects and comparing it to the actual finished product.

Today I am sharing with you an article from Wizard #54, February 1996. It reports that Spider-Man: the Animated Series, which had just started its second season on FOX Kids, and X-Men, which was in its fourth season, has the #1 and #2 spots for children ages 6-17 on Saturday morning! Not bad at all! If you grew up during the 90s, I'm sure you were contributing the these ratings. I know I was!

The article also mentions the short-lived UltraForce cartoon based on the Malibu comic book. Despite its "strong early ratings", the show only lasted for one season. I've never seen the show, but the article makes me want to watch it.

I always like putting things into their historical context, so I've included the entire page below so that you can see what else was going on in the superhero world at that time. There is information about the never-released (except through bootleg) direct-to-video Gen 13 movie, and the possibility of an Iron Man movie by 20th Century Fox. (A later Wizard issue reports that Nicolas Cage signed on to play Stark). Can you imagine how different superhero movies would be today if THAT was made?

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Orphen said...

That is a pretty interesting article. It is pretty cool being able to take a look back into the past and what could of been. A great find, thanks. I definitely contributed to those great ratings, I did not miss an episode of either show, and when I had soccer back then I would tape the Saturday morning cartoons and watch them later that day.

Brian S. said...

The "UltraForce" hype brings the first story arc of "X-Men" to mind, as it featured the (presumed) death of Morph.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the new site doesn't appear on my browser and i get the old outdated one. Help?

eli said...

Gen13 looks good. Too bad it was never released.

Reverend Shaggy said...

I actually have the Ultraforce on my Harddrive. It was OK but fairly campy. The Gen13 movie has really bad voice acting. Flea was a disappointment as Grunge. Such potential though LOL