Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Flash vs. the Road Runner vs. Speedy Gonzales

I know that all of you have wondered this at one time in you life: Who would win in a race against Speedy Gonzales, the Road Runner, and the Flash? It has certainly kept me up at night thinking about it!

Well, this promo clip made by Cartoon Network Latin America may have the answer!

The animation is downright awful, new made-for-this-clip animation with a few scenes that look like they are stolen from episodes of Looney Tunes and Justice League.

As you can see, it actually doesn't have the answer. I guess we'll never know who is the fastest speedster in the world.


Orphen said...

This was definitely interesting, a fun little clip. I'd have to say by far it's flash who would win, in my opinion.

never_cross_the_line said...

I'm going with the one that can run faster than Death.

eli said...

Flash would SO win.

Kurtis Findlay said...

Yeah, he can even keep up after getting a leg cramp!

Bleak5170 said...

Lol, that was great. And yes, The Flash would win this race. And any other one.