Friday, June 11, 2010

Who is the New Aqualad?

If you are like me, you wondered why the Aqualad appearing in the Young Justice animated series promo poster was black. I assumed that it was to bring some cultural diversity to the cast.

While I still think that is a big reason for the inclusion of this Aqualad, Geoff Johns told The Source that this new Aqualad will be making his comics debut in a few weeks!

When our YOUNG JUSTICE animated series for Cartoon Network was announced a few weeks ago (who ever thought we'd see an animated Miss Martian?! AW YEAH!) a lot of people asked who the new Aqualad was. And a lot of people thought they’d have to wait for the show to start. But you won’t.

Aqualad's story actually begins in a few short weeks in BRIGHTEST DAY #4. I won't tell you much yet, but I will tell you – he has no idea he's about to become Aqualad. In fact, he lives in one of the driest places in America – Silver City, New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Okay, well at least they're giving him a premise before they start the show so he has (somewhat) of a comic background. Honestly, as glad as I am that there's finally going to be another DCA series, I wish they would've used the Teen Titans from the most recent incarnation (ie. Robin, Superboy, Wondergirl, Kid (Bart)Flash, etc.) I just felt all of those characters together had really good chemistry in the comics. We'll see how this plays out. I'm sure it will be better than Brave and the Bold.... (Sorry if I offend anyone, but B&B isn't dark enough for me, hehe)

Michael said...

Cannot wait for the trailer at comic con!