Friday, July 23, 2010

Avengers Comic-Con Images

Marvel has sent out a press release regarding the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes panel at SDCC tomorrow at 4pm. (See this post for more details.) After the weekend I hope to have lots of news to share with you! But in the meantime, feast your eyes on this new poster (above) that came with the press release! This is the best I've seen Iron Man in all the promo art so far. And the Hulk looks great too. I'm looking forward to this series!

Also, here is an image that was attached to the Marvel booth. This one features Hawkeye. Will he be a prominent member of the team? While not a founding member, Hawkeye is one of the longest-standing members of the Avengers. Plus, he would add a bit of comic relief. I found this via Avengers Site.


GGX said...

Could you get any pictures of the Iron Man: Armored Adventures Concept Art shown today of Titanium Man, Black Widow, Iron Monger or Dr. Doom? If so, please let me know ASAP, or post it, please - I'm dying to see it. ;)


Adrian said...

James Tucker is working on a new Batman series and apparently it'll be CGI just like the Green Lantern series.

Brian S. said...

CC-2010' NEWS:

- The "BATMAN: TBATB" panel was an unexpected crowd-pleaser (the season premiere features Bat-Mite, and was hilarious), and a last hurrah for most of the cast. Unfortunately this will be the FINAL season for the "not-so-dark knight". Diedrich Bader made the announcement that his role as Batman was his favorite, for what it meant to him and his family. John Dimaggio offered anyone's choice of his left or right bleep to play Aquaman again one day. The cancellation is to make way for a new, darker series.

- In short, "YOUNG JUSTICE truly WILL BE everything you think it is. Taking place on Earth 16, It has a tone similar to JLU, and has the same character designer from "CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS". It premieres in the fall. 'Can't wait!

(Didn't make it to Marvel animation panel, though I would've loved to see the Squaddies cast in one room.)

- The "AVNGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES" pilots looked every bit as clean and expressive as "Superhero Squad". It's implied that Disney will be using the experienced "Film Roman" company to produce all their Marvel animation. They will also be using writer, Brian Michael Bendis for the new Spider-Man show's writing staff. The "Man Of Action" team (Ben 10/ Generator Rex) has been recruited to help write for Spidey AND "MIGHTIEST HEROES", as Chris Yost as since been recruited by Marvel's feature film division. He did however work on the pilot before the switch.

- "BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD" was another amazing panel. I missed the first screening to see the "IRON MAN ANIME", but caught the panel. There, John Dimaggio elaborated on his "x-rated" obsesion with the 1960's Batgirl. Over time, I've grown a more open mind for the new voice actors. His portrayal, I felt, was phenominal for the more aged version of the Joker.

- Finally, Japanese animation studio, Madhouse, really brought the heat with their "IRON MAN ANIME". Their new series uses CG animation to bring the cyber suit to life. Though the pilot may have been heavy on exposition (as it probably should be), it clearly foreshadows great things in future episodes. The series will premiere on the G4 channel and will be an important, and well advertised component in G4's content roster. The other 3 announced projects are Wolverine (with an updated design from the original trailer),X-Men and Blade.

Thanks for all the great info your site has provided. I hope this helped.