Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can't a Black Panther Get a Break?

After only airing three episodes (technically 1 and a half 22-minute episodes), Black Panther has been pulled from iTunes and other digital download platforms. Other motion comics such as Spider-Woman and Astonishing X-Men are still there, but no T'Challa. There has been no word from Marvel about the removal, but I'm guessing there are still some legal matters with BET to sort out.


Anonymous said...

What? This is why no one ends up watching these shows. Not because of quality (though this show has low production value), but because of erratic scheduling. I love this show, but will we ever see a second season like Wolverine and the X-men?

BLESSD1 said...

I discovered as much when I saw the ad for it in a marvel comic that I purchased last week, and couldn't find trace of it when I went online and looked.