Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Red Hood, Upcoming Movies & DVD News!

Today's the day many fans have been waiting for!

Batman: Under the Red Hood is finally available on DVD in a single-disc and double-disc package as well as on Blu-ray!

Not only will you get a great feature film, but included in the package is a short starring Jonah Hex which looks a heck of a lot better than the recent live-action film.

Other bonus features include a featurette on Jason Todd, a featurette on Dick Grayson, a few episodes of Batman: the Animated Series, and a sneak peek at Superman/Batman: Apocalypse!

Here are a few more pictures, just in case you need more convincing to pic up this movie!

SDCC brought the announcement of future DC Universe Animated Original Movie releases. Check this out:

  • Batman: Year One - An adaptation of the popular graphic novel, coming Late 2011.
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights - A compilation of short stories, similar to Batman: Gotham Knight, with each story focusing on a different Lantern.
  • All-Star Superman - An adaptation of the popular mini-series, coming in 2011.
  • Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam - A DC Showcase short subject to be packaged with an upcoming animated movie, written by Michael Jelenic. Jerry O' Connell will reprise the role of Captain Marvel and Shazam will be voiced by James Garner.

    In other DVD news, I totally forgot last week about the release of Super Friends: Season One, Volume Two. This two-disc set completes the first season with 8 one-hour episodes featuring guest appearances by Green Arrow and Plastic Man!

    Just announced, Wolverine and the X-Men - The Complete Series coming October 12. Canada has already seen a complete series DVD box set, but the big news is that this US release will not only be on DVD, but on Blu-ray as well! Bonus features will include a 'making of' featurette, "The Inner Circle: Reflections on Wolverine and the X-Men", and 29 audio commentaries!

    allaboutduncan said...

    I didn't catch the Emerald Knights info. That's awesome.

    The Superman/Shazam will be released as the feature on a DC Showcase collection on November 9.

    Anonymous said...

    About time they care about Bluray. Now release the the shows that are in HD on blu Marvel.

    Orphen said...

    I truly love Batman: Under the Red Hood. I think it is my favorite DC/Marvel Direct to DVD feature yet. It is definitely a darker movie, but honestly it is the first one that actually utilized a PG-13 rating. The only thing I didn't like was how useless Nightwing was in it. I really like Nightwing as a character but he was not that important I thought to the story, except for comparisons between him and Jason Todd. Overall though I really enjoyed it and it's a movie that I can just watch over and over. Jonah Hex DC Showcase was alright, nothing special. Then again he is definitly not one of my favorite characters but it was decent.

    dcfan100 said...

    Finally we get the whole season down here! But come on October 12th? Thats seems so far away!

    Anonymous said...

    "About time they care about Bluray. Now release the the shows that are in HD on blu Marvel."



    Blu-Ray=Laser Disc

    Last time I checked Laser Disc got it's butt kicked by VHS! Blu-Ray will NEVER EVER surpass DVD! You (and your fellow Laser Disc/Blu-Ray fangirls) are completely delusional if you think otherwise!

    DVD is the King!

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