Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse First Look!

The Superman/Batman: Apocalypse First Look, as seen on the Batman: Under the Red Hood DVD, has found its way to youtube, and I share it with you!

As usual, this first look gets me very excited for this upcoming film, which features the return of Kevin Conroy and Tim Daily as Batman and Superman. Ed Asner returns as Granny Goodness and joining them will be Summer Glau as Supergirl and Andre Braugher as Darksied.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has announced that Susan Eisenberg will be returning to her Justice League role of Wonder Woman for this feature film!

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Anonymous said...

This is gonna suck so much azz that I can't believe Bruce Timm still has a job!
Jason Todd and Superboy Prime need to star in this cartoon more so than those two washed up has beens Buttman and Stupidman because Jason Todd and Superboy Prime are gods deal with it!
If Time Warner had any brains (which they don't) they would fire that never was Bruce Timm and hire Matt Stone and Trey Parker and have them produce and direct ALL of the DC cartoons for as long as they want to do this.
I have NO pity for those fools who support garbage like this, Bruce Timm, Batman, Superman and Ultimate Spider-Sham while criticizing my boys, Jason Todd, Superboy Prime, Matt, Trey and especially the great Spectacular Spider-man!

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