Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Young Justice Trailer and Other Juicy Info!

I know that Comic-Con is now a distant memory, but more recent news plus a busy life has prevented me from posting this article, as well as the Brave and the Bold article that I'll post in a little bit. So, I know that most of you who do the blog circuit or follow other major superhero/animation websites probably know this stuff already, but here it is on my blog for posterity.

There was plenty of Young Justice information given out to many eager fans who are looking very forward to the next DC Animated series which is set to air on Cartoon Network this fall. Here are some of the details.

Robin/Dick Grayson - Jesse McCartney
Kid Flash/Wally West - Jason Spizak
Aqualad - Khary Payton
Superboy/Connor Kent - Nolan North
Miss Martian - Danica McKellar.

Unlike Justice League, these heroes will have civilian appearances. The tone of the show will be very serious, even including a possible death of a main character. There are plans for Mary Marvel, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, and Tempest.

The Justice League, 16 members large, will play an important role in the series.
1. Rob Lowe will voice Captain Marvel, an important recurring role. Included on the roster are Batman (Bruce Greenwood), Aquaman (Phil LaMarr), Green Arrow (Alan Tudyk), Captain Marvel (Rob Lowe), Wonder Woman, Superman, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Hal Jordan, Flash, Zatara, Captain Atom, Black Canary, John Stewart, and Red Tornado. The designs look to be the same as from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

Young Justice will act as an undercover unit in the Justice League to combat increasingly efficient supervillains as the Justice League's high profile prevents them from stopping more and more criminals.

Thoughts? Are you looking forward to this series? I know I am!


Orphen said...

I am very excited about this show, since it does appear to be a serious cartoon with the super heroes. The animation style looks pretty good as well.

never_cross_the_line said...

Ok, I am excited to see Miss Martian but still. No Impulse, no Lil Lobo, Superboy is already emo. It just seems like they only took the name. I guess that means no flying motorcycle with a wicked AI.

Arkwulf said...

This looks awesome! I can't wait.

It looks like Superboy has some kind of jacket in those pics in behind them... curious. Reminiscent of the 90's Superboy, so I approve!