Friday, September 24, 2010

The Man in the Ant Hill

Season: Micro-Season
Episode Number: 3
Season Episode Number: 3
Production Number: M03
Airdate: October 11, 2010

Writer: Christopher Yost
Director: Vinton Heuck

Voices: Wally Wingert (Ant-Man), Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Wasp), Mark Hamill (Klaw), Unknown (Mercenary 1), Unknown (Mercenary 2).

Plot: Ant-Man has to prevent the Klaw from stealing a rare sample of vibranium!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Let's be honest. Ant-Man is that character that practically no one is excited to be in this show. In his heyday in the 60s, Ant-Man was the star of Tales to Astonish, his popularity leading Stan Lee to include him in the original roster of the Avengers. But these days he is a forgotten hero. Sure he's still around, but no one really cares.

So how are the creators of this show going to make him "cool"? This micro-episode is a good start! Powering up with his "Pym Particles", Ant-Man really gives these goons a scare! Like a scene out of Predator or Rambo, Ant-Man takes everyone out with a power that most people laugh at. Animation really shows off how well he handles the proportionate strength of an ant.

Plus, booby-trapping his whole lab with Pym Particles is brilliant! If this is how the writers treat Ant-Man in a 6 minute short, I can't wait to see him in the actual series!

The villain in this short is a pre-super-villain Klaw. Klaw has been an underused villain in past animated shows. Despite having appeared in a number of shows, we've only been told his origin in the 94 Fantastic Four series and the recent Black Panther series. In the hands of Christopher Yost, I'm sure Klaw will be an amazing adversary, especially for Black Panther who will be part of the core team.

Wasp makes a short cameo near the end of this short. I love her design, and I look forward to where the writers take her character.
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Orphen said...

This Micro Episode, made Ant Man a lot cooler than most adaptations of him, so it is a good sign for the show. After each and every micro episode I watch it just makes me more and more excited for the actual show. I hope these micro episodes do not build the show up too much, and then the show can not produce. I have to say that the last two micro episodes I have enjoyed a lot more than the first one with Iron Man.