Monday, September 27, 2010

Thor the Mighty

Season: Micro-Season
Episode Number: 5
Season Episode Number: 5
Production Number: M05
Airdate: October 12, 2010

Writer: Michael Ryan
Director: Vinton Heuck

Voices: Rick D. Wasserman (Thor), Kari Wahlgren (Jane Foster), Nolan North (Baldur), (Thunderball), (Wrecker), Unknown (Dispatcher), Unknown (Medical Attendant).

Plot: Thor battles the Wrecking Crew and has is first encounter with Jane Foster!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Thor takes center stage in this fifth chapter of shorts that will lead up to the main Avengers series. We have yet to see what version of Thor this one will be. Will he don the disguise of Dr. Donald Blake and live amongst mortals, or will he always be Thor with no other alter ego?

It nice to see the Wrecking Crew show up. While not at all a match for the Mighty Thor, they are an excellent vehicle to showcase what that God of Thunder could do. I really liked the Wrecker's new design for this series, however Thunderball looks as dopey as ever. You just can't get around it if you are going to stick with those colours. Piledriver and Bulldozer also appear with non-speaking roles.

While I like Thor, I'm not terribly interested in Asgard. The whole mythology thing always pulls me out of the story. I like reading Thor in Avengers, but have a really hard time with his own title. Personally, I'm hoping that this Thor will be living on Earth as Donald Blake and wooing Jane Foster.

And speaking of Jane Foster -- it is a real treat to have a show that features Thor's main squeeze! It was the 60s that last we saw her in animation. I'm sure her appearance here due to her role in the upcoming live-action feature film. At any rate, I welcome her and look forward to what she will bring to the story.

As with all of these micro-episodes, this chapter also showed off the capable storytelling, animation and direction of the show's creative team.

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Orphen said...

I like Thor as a character, and I am a sucker for mythology, and therefore actually do enjoy Asgard. This micro episode was pretty cool. I can not say that I was familiar with these villains, but it is cool seeing characters that I am unfamiliar with in animation. I hope to see this a good amount in the actual show.