Saturday, October 2, 2010

Iron Man Anime Opening Animation and Theme Song!

I don't usually post on Saturday, but I have something to share that can't wait until Monday! We haven't heard anything about Iron Man Anime since SDCC, but the opening intro to the mini-series has surfaced on youtube! Watch it while you can!

The animation looks spectacular! Madhouse Studios pulls out all the stops for this one! The scenes in the first thirty seconds will look very familiar to fans of the first Iron Man movie, while the second thirty seconds give us a look at what to expect from the series, including what looks like Unicorn!

UPDATE: The basis of the first episodes is that Tony Stark travels to Japan to oversea the Japanese branch of Stark Industries (Pepper Potts is in charge of the main US branch) and demonstrate a new version of the Iron Man armour which he calls Iron Man Dio (which you can see a glimpse of in the theme song embeded above).

Tony's plan is the retire his old suit, but when Iron Man Dio goes haywire, Tony must bring his original suit back into action to see who is behind the sabotage.

Here is the main cast:

Tony Stark - Keiji Fujiwara (who also voiced Tony in the dub of the live action movie)
Pepper Potts - Hiroe Oka
Reporter Nanami Ota - Shizuka Ito
Dr. Tanaka - Takako Honda


never_cross_the_line said...

Something was missing from this, what was it? Oh yeah, the fact that it seems like the Japs didn't even bother to read the comics and just animated the movie and added some Jap cliches.

Kurtis Findlay said...

I think you're missing the point. This series is supposed to be different. Think of it more like "what if Iron Man was anime".

Every animated series is different than the comics but are still good in their own right. Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Super Hero Squad Show, X-Men: Evolution and Teen Titans are quality programs that take the concept and make it into something new.

Forget the comics, forget the movie, forget past cartoons and watch this one through new eyes and judge it for what it is, not how far off from the comics it is.

Orphen said...

I really enjoy Superheroes, and I also enjoy anime, I am not entirely sure how well it will turn out combining them. However, of all four of the Marvel anime Iron Man has the best chance, because they don't seem to have made any drastic changes. I am looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

Guillermo Biasini said...

So, now is a mini-series. What happened with the DTV film?

I like what I see. (y)