Friday, December 3, 2010

Avengers Moves to Sunday Morning!

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which spent its first month on Wednesday nights on Disney XD, premiered a special two-part episode last Friday night. Now it has just been announced that the show will move again, this time to Sunday mornings at 10am ET, starting this Sunday, December 5, with the all-new episode Masters of Evil!

I'm not sure if this is news we really want to hear. I hope that Avengers' rating aren't floundering. Constant timeslot shuffling can be an indication that the show isn't performing as expected, and sometimes under-performing shows are moved to allow another show to benefit from its timeslot. However, this movement could be killer to Avengers because it is not a time that most people would watch. If you are up on a Sunday morning, you are most likely at church or a sports practice.

Plus, the uninformed fans of the show will wonder why it isn't on Wednesday nights and may not bother to find out where it has gone. The average fan can't be counted on to keep up with all of these schedule changes, and with a continuity heavy show like this one, the fans might get lost in the shuffle. My fingers are crossed.


Orphen said...

Ya, I was disappointing at this move. I can't imagine the shows ratings being not that great, but I don't get DisneyXD nor is it worth getting just for that show. I am curious as to how many households do have that channel.

I enjoyed on Thursday watching Wednesday's episode but owell, I'll get over it, but Sunday morning is a really bad time slot, and I think it is really going to hurt their ratings and the show for that matter.

Anthony said...

Does Marvel not care if their shows survive or not? They juggle their shows to often. I'm sure Marvel has little say in it (if at all), but its so annoying. DC has always had great and successful series and I don't read many DC comics. I love Marvel comics and think they have a very very deep well of stories and characters and, yet, they cancel shows (Wolverine and the X-men, Spectacular Spider-Man, etc.) or make really bad ones (X-men Evolution,The Avengers: United They Stand, etc.). I really enjoy this Avengers cartoon, so, hopefully they know something special about this timeslot that makes it a success.

Bleak said...

Definitely not a good sign. I hate to be a doomsayer but I would honestly be surprised if this even lasts one season. :(

I think they should have held on to it until the live action Avengers movies hits.

Anonymous said...

Without my TiVo to watch for such time changes (or endless repeats) or extra minutes added or removed from each show I watch - I would give up on TV entirely. It would be a full time job to figure what show is on when, when it goes into hiatus (mid-season break) and when it comes back.

Oh well. The price and "benefits?" of progress.