Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Lantern Series Has Been Greenlit!

Green Lantern: the Animated Series was officially announced yesterday at Time Warner's investor showcase. Hollywood Reporter reports that the series is set to debut on Cartoon Network within the year following the release of the live-action Green Lantern movie staring Ryan Reynolds.

According to the image above, a slide from the powerpoint presentation shown at the investor showcase, the series will be CG and is scheduled for a November 2011 release.

There is also mention of a direct-to-DVD feature, most likely animated, scheduled for June 2011.

It looks like 2011 will a banner year for Green Lantern! This is very exciting news, especially to Green Lantern fans, as GL hasn't ever starred in his own series! A press release and maybe a promo image will surely drop soon!

Australia to Air New Brave and the Bold Episode!

It was announced on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold Facebook Page that Australia will be airing an all-new Brave and the Bold episode tomorrow on Nine Network's Kids WB block at 10:35am.

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

"Barry Allen has long been presumed dead, but his "ghost" has been haunting Jay Garrick and Kid Flash. When Batman sees it too, they realize he is not dead!"

Brave and the Bold will be returning to Cartoon Network with new episodes this summer and has been renewed for a third season, scheduled to air in the fall.

Canada will get the second season this Fall on Teletoon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Animated Superheroes Loves Your Comments!

Writing for a daily blog is a lot of work, and I always love it when I read the comments that are left by you! I makes me realize how many of you appreciate what I do.

If you are a regular reader, please leave comments on the articles that you like (and even the ones you don't) and let me know your thoughts! My opinion isn't the only one that matters! Let's hear from the rest of you!

Superman/Batman Sequel to feature Supergirl??

An image of the back cover for Batman: Under the Red Hood reveals the name of the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie:

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

The first Superman/Batman movie adapted the first storyarc from the popular Superman/Batman comic book series. It even used artwork of Ed McGuinness, who illustrated the story, as the style for their characters.

The second storyarc in the series is The Supergirl from Krypton in which it is revealed that the meteor seen in Public Enemies was carrying Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El. This is the modern age (post-Zero Hour) origin story for Supergirl.

Wonder Woman is a major player in the story as well as Darkseid, whose home dimension is Apokalips. The Superman/Batman: Apocalypse title makes me think that this will be the featured story, but this has not been confirmed yet. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

The art for this storyarc is by the late Michael Turner. While I think that an animated adaptation of his art would be amazing, I kind of hope that the designs used in the last film carry over to this one. I'm used to artists changing for every storyarc in the comics, but I think I'd like a bit more continuity in this film series.

But whatever happens, I'm sure it will be amazing. These DC animated movies haven't let me down yet. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is scheduled to arrive Fall 2010.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1996 Ratings for Spider-Man and X-Men

One thing I want to start doing more is posting news articles from shows in the past. I love looking at what the creative teams had planned for their projects and comparing it to the actual finished product.

Today I am sharing with you an article from Wizard #54, February 1996. It reports that Spider-Man: the Animated Series, which had just started its second season on FOX Kids, and X-Men, which was in its fourth season, has the #1 and #2 spots for children ages 6-17 on Saturday morning! Not bad at all! If you grew up during the 90s, I'm sure you were contributing the these ratings. I know I was!

The article also mentions the short-lived UltraForce cartoon based on the Malibu comic book. Despite its "strong early ratings", the show only lasted for one season. I've never seen the show, but the article makes me want to watch it.

I always like putting things into their historical context, so I've included the entire page below so that you can see what else was going on in the superhero world at that time. There is information about the never-released (except through bootleg) direct-to-video Gen 13 movie, and the possibility of an Iron Man movie by 20th Century Fox. (A later Wizard issue reports that Nicolas Cage signed on to play Stark). Can you imagine how different superhero movies would be today if THAT was made?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're Back!

It looks like all my images and video files are back in working condition. As you can see, I'm playing with the layout of the site a bit. I'll be working on this for the rest of the week and will resume with new posts on Tuesday!